Oleh: pak mayar | Juni 17, 2009

Friendship Of Inter Country Elementary School Student

Hi, I am a official member a Catholic education institution in Bengkulu, Sumatra, Indonesia. Through this article  I mean to invite elementary schoolteachers of particular State to cooperate to develop activity learn capable to grow the spirit  interracial friendship.

This spirit is important  to inculcate in our student because we believe that life of mankind under the sun this will more and more goodness if growing strong friendship inter-country. And we know that our student which nowadays in elementary school are candidates leader of nation in the future.

We may hope that if since childhood they have recognized multicultural of inter-country culture by personal, later they will become leaders of nation which ready to develop build interracial cooperation pursuant to heartfelt friendship for kindliness to with.

This Cooperation form can be developed in any subject Iesson, social science is most precise subject. But we also can develop this activity in other subject for example Iesson of cultural art education or lesson of Ianguage.

This cooperation will give student project to compile report about an nation culture. That report have to be compiled by using guest speaker of local elementary school children. Every child will become guest speaker to other child in different state.

End result of this activity do not lay in quality of child report, but at growing of cooperation and friendship of interracial student. After this cooperation finish, we hope children we remain to earn interaction so that the friendship growing up to adult them.

We might possibly can by together make and manage a blog for this cooperation. A blog where children we earn interaction every moment with its friends which come from various state.

Are You interest with my proposal ? Please give comments.


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